Celebrate unity and collaboration during COVID-19

Celebrate unity and collaboration during COVID-19 image




Join us in supporting any of the 10 Consortium-supported communities in Western Massachusetts. Community members have been in the trenches day and night to build each other up during these trying times. You too can make a difference!

As COVID-19 grips our nation, many of our community members find themselves with thoughts of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. The pandemic has been rapidly changing the ways we support and build community. Yet with crisis comes opportunity to connect, continue building relationships with each other, and foster a sense of group prosperity in the face of uncertainty. The Consortium invites you to tap into the values you hold dear and channel them into supporting one of the local communities we support. Each have been going above and beyond as they continue to explore increasing access to key supports in Western Massachusetts.

To learn more about how each of the different communities have been addressing COVID-19 in our area, check out their Facebook pages:

In the first two months of this crisis, the Consortium has done everything possible to avoid laying off or furloughing employees, many of whom are considered “essential.” Due to the increased risk of exposure, in addition to the usual programmatic expenses, there’s been a significant investment in making sure staff have the personal protective equipment [PPE] they need, the resources to keep work environments sanitized and healthy, and the technology to do their work remotely whenever possible. In addition, the Consortium has been collaborating with local businesses to secure prepared meals and grocery boxes to deliver weekly to eleven 24-Hour Supported Homes, helping some of our favorite restaurants keep their doors open while showing appreciation for the valued employees who are directly supporting some of the most vulnerable folks our communities.

Unable to donate? There’s plenty of other ways you can help! Sharing the campaign or information about a particular community’s response to COVID-19 is a great way to get the word out. If you’re a community member whose life has been transformed through our efforts, you can share your experience. Checking in with someone you care about is another excellent way to both show your appreciation for the work they do and to demonstrate that you care about their well-being right now. Some communities, such as the Wildflower Alliance, are accepting donations of critical supplies. Or you can join and spread the news about new Zoom support groups or recovery meetings!

We may be physically distant from each other right now, but the Consortium believes that everyone is capable of pursuing their dreams and working together to build strong, resilient communities. You, too, can make a difference.


Our Mission

The Consortium creates conditions in which people who have faced marginalization, oppression, or otherwise felt invisible are better able to pursue their dreams and strengthen communities through voice, choice, and inclusion. This is supported by an organizational commitment to address systems of oppression and work toward undoing the harms they have caused.